Concealing with Confidence

Whether you are a law enforcement officer, a security guard, or just someone who wants some protection in the world, carrying a firearm is something you can do. But sometimes actively displaying your weapon of choice can lead to it being stolen, or can start other problems. But putting the weapon deep in your purse or under your jacket can stop you from using it for protection.

undercover clothes

No one wants to fiddle with getting their gun out during a tense situation, so you need a way to keep the weapon concealed while also allowing you to get to it quickly. Having good undercover clothes can provide both comfort, along with the security that having a weapon provides.

Most of the undercover clothes act like holsters, with a strap or pocket on the side of the shirt or pant to let you quickly release the weapon and then bring it to bear on an opponent if needed. The pocket can be unzipped or the strap unfastened, and you can reliably draw your weapon. So, if you’ve applied for a concealed carry license, then you will be able to carry your weapon.

There are various undercover clothes options for both men and women, with holsters under the arm, by the hip, on the leg, and pockets for jackets and purses. Depending on the size of the handgun you carry, you might have the position of the weapon chosen for you, but most handguns should be able to be drawn quickly despite their size.

The benefits of being able to reach your weapon without fear of it getting stuck can be a big morale boost. As anyone can tell you, speed and reaction time are your two best friends if you find yourself needing to draw a gun and defend yourself.