Three Small Steps to Completely Revamp Your Living Room

You spent hours upon hours painstakingly choosing a paint color, carefully selecting end tables, and repeatedly sitting on sofas to create your perfect living room. Then, one day, you walk in and no longer get that same sense of satisfaction or overjoyed contentment.

Is it back to the drawing board and time for a brand new design? Not necessarily. If you target key components of your living room, you can create an entirely new design.

Start from the Bottom: Fireplaces and Rugs

A great place to start is the bottom. If you have a fireplace, this is a great spot to liven up a dull room. Look into a decorative fire screen to add some character to your living room. There are countless designs you can choose from that will give your living room an updated feel.

Similarly, if you do not have an accent rug already, get one! One in any color, pattern, or finish a new rug can really pull a room together.

Jump to the Top with Light Fixtures

If updating your fireplace and adding a new rug doesn’t feel right, then consider adding some more light to your living room.

If you have normal overhead lighting, why not try out a fancy light fixture? If you have light fixtures, why not try out new modern standing lamps or rustic lamp shades?

decorative fire screen

Go to the Middle with an Accent Wall

If all of these changes still aren’t enough, then you should consider adding an accent wall.

This is the most involved out of all of the design options, and it will have the greatest effect on your space.

If you have a neutral living room, painting one wall red or blue can really add a great pop of color. Similarly, if you have a living room with a lot of color, one neutral wall can give the eye a good break.

If you use one or all three of these steps, then you will completely transform your living room, without trying too hard.